John D. Ray

John D. Ray
  • Lead Consultant
  • Mass Tort Nexus

John Ray has been a leading consultant to the Mass Tort industry for over a decade His unique skill sets make him well suited to both teaching and consulting in the Mass Tort arena. As a 21-year-old graduate of Brenau University in Atlanta, John started a pharmaceutical and medical device company right out of school and sold it in an eight-figure deal when he was 35.

John’s tenure in the pharmaceutical and medical device field allowed him to gain an in-depth understanding of FDA regulator matters as well as a thorough understanding of the science and epidemiology, related to gaining FDA approval to market pharmaceuticals as well as Medical Devices. John’s inside knowledge of how “Big Pharma” operates gives him a unique perspective as well as unique skill sets that are very useful to Mass Tort plaintiff firms. When John brought his “insider knowledge” and business acumen to the Plaintiff Mass Tort Space, one of the first things he recognized was a lack of common terminology and well defined metrics. John recognized that firms were expressing the same concepts but were not using the same terminology, as a result, John set out to define common terms as well create methods for formulating important metrics for use by Mass Tort firms when evaluating litigations. The terminology as well as the metrics John Ray developed are now commonly used by major Mass Tort Law firms.

John is highly sought after and writes Whites Papers about both current and emerging torts, which are highly coveted in the industry. The accuracy of John’s analysis of emerging and ongoing litigations is unmatched.

The fact that John not an attorney has proven to be an asset. John thinks like a business person, employing creative problem solving as well as an extensive set of business skills and industry-specific knowledge to assist Mass Tort firms in making sound business decisions before and during any litigation are involved in or are considering becoming involved in. John is an expert at evaluating cases and looks at each tort as an individual investment, which can be quantified resulting in risk mitigation for you and your firm.

The Mass Tort community knows John well. Personal Injury attorneys have been asking him to design a course, like the one you are taking for a decade. Contrary to popular belief, adding Mass Torts to your practice is not gambling, nor is there a secret society of Mass Tort attorneys. The only information you lack to be successful in the practice of Mass Torts is a business plan. As John says, this type of law is 80% business and 20% law. If you understand the business principles of Mass Tort law, you will be successful. When you leave the course, you will have the plan, the tools and the confidence to add Mass Torts to your existing practice.

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