Opioid Manufacturers Break the “Don’t Kill White People Rule” Written by Opioid Crisis Summit on September 26, 2017

Government Inaction Turns to Obsession

The FDA, DEA, and the CDC, as well as numerous other government agencies have known for years that prescription opioids were killing people and took no significant action to confront the problem. Only after the CDC began correlating the data, that had always been at their disposal, did inaction turn into obsession and give birth to the Feds recognition of the opioid epidemic.  The word epidemic was not even in the government’s opioid lexicon, until it was discovered that opioids were killing white people at an alarming rate.

Although the correlation mentioned above is not likely to be made issue of in the “Opioid Litigation,” we found it interesting that the Feds discovery that Opioids were killing middle class, white suburban soccer moms, as well as other privileged white folks temporally coincided with the Feds sudden obsession with the problem noteworthy. Better late than never.

The Definitive Guide to the “Opioid Litigation”

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The first volume is intended to provide plaintiff attorneys with a basic understanding of the multifaceted litigation, past, present and future. In reality, the term  “Opioid Litigation” is somewhat misleading, as it implies a far more limited scope to the “case” than is accurate.

Much attention has been given to the lawsuits filed on behalf of State, Federal and Local Governments against the makers of Opioid’s; however, these types of entity cases are only a fraction of those which can and should be filed.  Cases filed on behalf of individuals based on varied causes of actions should be far more numerous that those filed on behalf of entities. Firms of all sizes will be in a position to represent clients in the many niches that make up the “Opioid Litigation.”

  Back to the “Killing White People Rule”

“The wise do not take part in baseless conspiracy theories nor do they ignore reality regardless of the offense that may be given for its recognition. ”

John Ray

Circa 2017 🙂

Anyone who believes  that harming white people will not evoke action from our government far more quickly than harming non whites is ignoring history.

In the early 1930’s, the U.S. government conducted experiments on black men, which involved leading black men with Syphilis to believe they were being treated, when in fact they were being given a placebo. The government did not acknowledge or admit its actions for over 50 years. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact.

This is Ancient History, Right?

More recently, one of  President Richard Nixon’s closest aides (and Watergate Co-Conspirator), years after being released from prison, admitted that Nixon created the “War on Drugs,”  in part to create an excuse to jail young black men. Every single President since Nixon has continued the war on drugs, resulting in a massive number of  black youth incarcerations, despite the fact that white people use illegal drugs at a higher rate than non whites.

The Reality 

Did the government’s realization that Opioids were killing white folks have an effect on turning inaction into obsession? Did the same factors turn an almost ignored problem into an epidemic?

The time line of the CDC getting around to correlating data, which had been at their disposal for almost 20 years, revealed a violation of the “Don’t Kill White People Rule.” The birth of the Feds obsession with the “Opioid Epidemic” would lead a wise man to conclude the two things are related.